Sustainable winery of Italy 2019

Award for the sustainable viticulture by Gambero Rosso

Torrevento is a ”Sustainable Winery of 2019″: the recognition of Gambero Rosso for Sustainable Viticulture.
Torrevento won for Sustainable Viticulture, among the eleven special prizes awarded to wineries and winegrowers by Gambero Rosso, in the “Italian Wines Guide 2019”.
The path of sustainability has been undertaken for many years and defines a conscious approach along concrete actions:

  • soil and irrigation management (through weather stations located in the vineyards)
  • nutrition of the vineyard and phytosanitary control
  • reduced soil tillage
  • increase of the biodiversity of the vineyard flora
  • increase of the microbial life of the soil
  • increase the organic matter content of the vineyard
  • precision viticulture
  • evaluation of the oidium risk

A further confirmation for Torrevento that, enhancing the indigenous grape varieties of Apulia, is always focused on the environmental issue in collaboration with the research world for the recovery of the human and natural heritage and the sustainable development of the territory.



For over 20 years, Torrevento has embarked on a path of Certified Quality: a commitment also recognized by the EQUALITAS certification, which certifies sustainability and quality on the three pillars: social, environmental and economic.

Torrevento was among the first Italian companies to have received the Equalitas certification, the first recognized worldwide, certifying Corporate and Product Sustainability.

The Equalitas Standard provides verifiable requirements on all dimensions of environmental, social, economic sustainability and measurable indicators, such as carbon footprint, water footprint and biodiversity.

My Story™


Torrevento is among the first Italian companies to have adopted My Story ™: the new solution based on blockchain technology, to tell the story of the product from the vineyard to the bottle.

The solution is based on a series of supply chain and product controls: the data collected in the field, the results of the checks carried out by DNV GL and other control bodies, converge in a real story of traceability to which consumers can easily access through a QR-code on the label.

Our Veritas Castel del Monte Bombino Nero Rosato Docg is among the first three wines in Italy to be certified and tracked with the My Story ™ blockchain technology.


Living and working in the Alta Murgia Rural Park allows us to represent a territory of excellence. Above all, it imposes an additional duty and sense of responsibility on us.

Even before its enhancement, we carry out its protection, through respect for the territory and the implementation of healthy agricultural practices such as limiting the choice of plant protection products and the number of treatments, the careful management of irrigation, the safeguard of biodiversity, the use of only organic and organo-mineral fertilizers.

Indeed, the vineyards owned and managed by our winery are included in the national integrated Protection Quality System (SQNPI).

The need to offer a product quality guarantees to consumers, increasingly aware and demanding, and the desire to adapt to international regulations aimed at the most complete sustainability and product traceability, are among the reasons that have pushed Torrevento to undertake a path made of “certified” choices and an innovation and investment plan aimed at increasing Company and Product Quality.